Boiled Wheat-berries and Sorghum.

Wheat-berries are what we know in India as whole wheat grains. Commonly used to make Indian flat breads like roti. However, you can also use boiled wheat grains for a variety of recipes. I used these and boiled sorghum, Jowar in India for making risotto. Rinse and soak the wheat in water preferably overnight. Soaking…

Bubble & Squeak Risotto, crispy poached egg.

This is no regular risotto. A British delicacy, Bubble and squeak refers to mashed and fried cabbage, carrot, peas and potato. Inspired from chef Paul Ainsworth’s recipe, I have made this risotto using boiled wheatberries and sorghum instead of Arborio rice. Fried red/purple cabbage, carrots, peas and potato. Aromatics like shallots, garlic and fresh herbs….