Chicken Kebab. Modernist Indian Cuisine.

Charcoal smoked, spicy and succulent chicken kebab cooked in tandoor, a traditional Indian clay oven. Basted with ghee. Served with fresh and tangy mint chutney and a dollop of citrus cream cheese.  

Drunken cherry & Coconut Kulfi.

THE SECRET. This is not just a recipe for another frozen dessert. I’m sharing the secret to get that creamy, scoopable ice cream every single time. Adding a splash of alcohol to your ice cream base results in a better texture when it’s churned because alcohol doesn’t freeze. Alcohol prevents ice crystals from forming, which…


Its red, round, mildly sour and sweet. Wonderfully delicious, cherry fruit is packed with full of health-benefiting nutrients and unique antioxidants. Cherries are native to Eastern Europe and Asia Minor regions. Botanically, the fruit is a “drupe” (stone fruit), belonging to the broad Rosaceae family of small tree fruits in the genus, Prunus. Up next…

Amuse bouche of imitation crab meat and spicy & tangy mango salsa.

Thai inspired, amuse bouche of imitation crab meat and spicy & tangy mango salsa served over Krupuk (shrimp cracker) with black currant reduction. Mango Salsa made with tangy raw mango, sweet Alphonso, spicy red Thai chilli, cilantro, grated galangal, seasoning and lime leaves.