Saffron poached pears.

Sweet Anjou pears are slowly simmered in syrups and spices to bring out their delicate and distinct flavours. What makes them even better is that you can serve them any way you want.
The key is to remember that the longer the pears sit in the flavourful syrup after poaching, the better they’ll taste making this an ideal option for those who like to plan and prepare ahead.

The fruit becomes tender, reduces down and absorbs the beautifully concentrated flavour of the liquid. You can create a simple poaching liquid by mixing two parts liquid (such as water, wine, or fruit juice) with one part sugar.

Saffron pear3Saffron pear5

Featured here: Saffron poached pears.
Anjou pears poached in flavourful syrup of water and sugar, infused with fresh vanilla pod, green cardamom, saffron and cinnamon stick.

The vanilla pod makes all the difference and takes the dish to the next level. Slit the vanilla pod along the length and scrap out thousands of tiny specks of vanilla seeds in the poaching liquid.

Serve with vanilla ice cream, nuts, cream or yogurt.

Saffron pear1Saffron pear2Saffron pear


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