Deco spoons

Making swooshes and swirls just got a whole lot easier with the my new deco spoons. The deco spoons functions similarly to an oversized fountain pen, dispensing liquid like the pen does ink.


1. The deco spoons works best with slightly viscous liquids. Chocolate sauce, fruit and vegetable coulis, caramel sauce, reduced sauces and gravies. The trick is to ensure that it’s not too runny or too thick – it should fall off a spoon in a thin stream.
2. To load the deco spoon, dip it into the liquid and spoon some into the wide flat area. Wipe off the back on the side of your bowl to make sure you don’t drip where you don’t intend to.
3. Working quickly and holding the deco spoon upright, at right angles to the plate, dispense the liquid in streams. The longer you stop in one spot, the more sauce you will dispense in that spot. If you’re going for a bigger design, you can use the larger spoon.


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