About me


My name is Sanjeet. I’m the full time chef, a self taught food photographer and a part time blogger. I love whipping up culinary favourites from around the world using local ingredients as far as possible with few variations to the classic recipes. The best thing about food is each ingredient presents itself as a blank canvas, and everything is left to your imagination. From the cooking techniques, flavour profiles and combinations, textures and food plating, one can play around with food endlessly. Most importantly, one can never stop learning about food and cuisines. I get a lot of inspiration from home cooks to Michelin star chefs from around the world.

I believe that food connects! Over a meal, co-workers become friends, strangers become companions, and we renew our spirits and our bodies at the same time. Food not only connects us to other people, it links us to traditions – our own and those of others we come to appreciate through the flavours and aromas of the cuisine they share.

You don’t need a formal education from a culinary school to make good food. All you need is basic common sense of how ingredients react with each other, a sound palate to distinguish between and appreciate different flavours and a heart full of passion for cooking good food and serving it with love.

Anybody can cook. Now, does this sound familiar with the main message of the animated movie, “Ratatouille“?

This blog is a chronicle of  my adventures with food. This is my canvas.

Welcome to Chef’s Canvas.

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How it all began…

From the first time I saw Chef Martin Yan on the “Yan can cook,” show on television, I knew that food would somehow, someway, guide my future. This was back in the 1990’s. I still remember those days when I would come back home from school and try my hand in the kitchen, trying  few easy recipes and use whatever I could find in the refrigerator. Although this was only possible a couple of times in a month. This led to my decision to become a chef.

After completing  my basic education in school. I graduated from college and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Botany. Then I joined Rizvi College of Hotel management and Catering Technology in Mumbai in 2001, and graduated with honors and got a dual diploma in Hotel & Catering Management from Mumbai University and AHLA (American Hotel & Lodging Association).

My first job…

Three years later, I joined The Orchid , Asia’s first Eco-friendly hotel in Mumbai as a Kitchen Management Trainee. Here I gained the most valuable lessons in life as well as cooking of course. All this helped me enrich my knowledge in cooking and to learn new techniques that allowed my talent to evolve. It was here I learned to work along with a team in a friendly environment and under the guidance of senior chefs and managers all this turned out to be a source of unlimited inspiration and creativity.

Since my rookie years in the professional kitchen to this day, I keep learning new cuisines, new cooking techniques and follow all the great chefs (my mentors from the internet world) who have reached the epitome of culinary perfection.

Fast forward to today…

I have got the opportunity to work with one of the best organizations. Kamat Hotels India Limited, Olive bar and kitchen, Tata Starbucks India and Auriga Hospitality, Mumbai.

I am grateful for all the support and encouragement from fellow bloggers and food enthusiasts . Thank you for stopping by!